BOOKED a supporting role in "THE STREET LIGHTS ARE ON."

BOOKED a supporting role in "BUYER'S REMORSE"

BOOKED a series regular role in "PEACE BE STEEL"

BOOKED a lead role in "LOYAL."

What Imari have been able to accomplish in the past few years has been staggering. He's a true testimony to what putting ACTION behind what I'm teaching manifest.

Wendy Alane Wright - Secrets of a Hollywood Talent Manager

Imari is indeed a joy and a pleasure to work with. He began working with me in the 9th season of The Lyons Den. He embodied the role that he was cast for, and now I have a desire to continue to work with Imari which is why I casted him as one of the leads of my newest series, Peace Be Steel. It was a new, challenging role, but he came in and took it on like a champ. He instantly has become a favorite among viewers. Imari is indeed an asset to the Victory Productions Network family, and I look forward to seeing what the future holds for him.

Karlton Clay  - Victory Productions Network 

Our first day of filming Keylord, it was clear that Imari had a strong presence onscreen and provided a leadership role for the other actors.
Imari took his role seriously, and communicated frequently with the director and myself on how to perfect the vision we were seeking. At the end of the day, Imari proved to go the extra mile and work every extra minute to help bring my screenplay
to life.

Andrew Brown - To Shibalba Productions, LLC.


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